After School Transportation

School Dismissal Manager

All after school transportation is managed through School Dismissal Manager.  Parents can set default transportation modes and make daily exceptions through website or using the SDM mobile app.

***Families will receive an email with temporary login credentials to get their SDM set up.  It will appear as though it comes from "Rutledge Elementary," but it is from School Dismissal Manager.  If you do not see this email, please check spam and search your inbox for "Parent Credentials."

Early Pickup

Bus Routes

Once routes are finalized, you may use the District Route Finder to identify your bus route number as well as bus stop locations and times.

There is no bus sign up.  Students need only wait at the bus stop in the morning and board the bus when it arrives.  

Bus drivers will not drop Kinder, 1st, or 2nd grade riders at a stop if there is no parent present.  These young riders will be brought back to the school, and parents will be contacted for pickup at the school.

For more information regarding District provided bussing, please visit the LISD Transportation webpage.  

For questions regarding School Dismissal Manager or transportation changes, please contact Elissa Lindsey.


For questions regarding SMART Tag, please contact the District Transportation Department.