5th Grade Virtual Business Fair

5th Grade Virtual Business Fair
Please support our 5th graders by having your child watch all the commercials in the video. THEN cast a vote for the commercial that your child thought was the best. It is only 1 vote PER email address per DAY! The idea is what product or service your child would most likely be willing to spend money to support. All voting will conclude at noon on May 25th.  

Videos of semifinalists:
Tuesday, May 19th:
Wednesday, May 20th: https://flipgrid.com/+morgan2652/8223a101

Thursday, May 21st: https://flipgrid.com/+gartner9603  

Friday, May 22nd: https://flipgrid.com/+simons5651
Voting forms:
Tuesday, May 19th:
May 19 Semifinalists
Wednesday, May 20th: May 20 Semifinalists
Thursday, May 21st: May 21 Semifinalists  Friday, May 22nd:
May 22 Semifinalists